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Franky Franco is a lifelong South Carolinian and a fresh conservative voice ready to shake up Washington.

A living testament to the American Dream, Franky’s mother was a Cuban exile who came to America fleeing Fidel Castro’s communist regime. His father legally immigrated to the United States from Ecuador, seeking economic stability and prosperity but instead found something far more valuable – becoming a born-again Christian and serving his community as a Baptist minister for over 30 years.

As a first generation Cuban American of legal immigrants, Franky understands the threats posed by dictators abroad, and he equally understands the importance of a secure border at home so that our country can be safe and prosperous. He knows we have to finish Trump’s border wall, and his decades of experience in the boardroom means he knows the threats we face from China on trade, technology, and theft.

After business school, Franky began his more than 16 year career as a leader in one of the largest telecommunications firms in America. During this tenure, he led operations to deliver solutions for more than 100M consumers and over 10M small businesses in the United States. He has worked on multi-billion dollar deals with some of the world’s largest and most powerful tech giants.

In that business role, Franky saw first-hand the power Big Tech companies wield over our everyday lives and the dangers they pose to regular Americans. In Congress, Franky has pledged to rein in “woke” corporations who seek to control what we read, what we search, and even what we buy and where we bank.

Franky is not a politician. He left his job in business and decided to run for Congress and shake things up in Washington. He believes this job is one of service and that rewarding career politicians looking for the next job changes nothing in Congress. In Congress, Franky will work with President Trump and Republicans to restore the tried and true, Conservative principles that make America great.

Franky was raised in the Upstate as a God-fearing, Bible-based, conservative evangelical Christian. He attended Bob Jones University and later obtained his J.D. and M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina. Franky lives in Simpsonville with his wife, Lala, and is the proud father of five boys: Hayden (17), Ethan (16), Peyton (14), Gavin (12), and Cameron (10). They attend Emmanuel Bible Church, where he and Lala serve as Sunday School teachers and are members of the welcome team. 

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